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28 April 2017 - Microsoft is Making a Big To-Do Again with Office 365


26 April 2017 - The Xero of Legal Document Automation?


21 April 2017 - The Number One Strategy to Avoid IT Disasters


10 April 2017 -  Turn Passive Visitors To Your Website Into Conveyancing Clients


3 April 2017 - The number of Xero users might one day surpass population of NZ


30 March 2017 - GlobalX and Worldox Partnership Delivers New Efficiencies


27 March 2017 - Automate Debtor Management


24 March 2017 - Global Legalpreneurs, Disrupters and Thought Leaders Join High-Powered Advisory Board


17 March 2017 - Facial Recognition Technology to Facilitate Video VOI

15 March 2017 - The Keys to a Successful Law Firm Website


13 March 2017 - The Latest Smartphones From The Big Brands: Blackberry, Nokia and Kodak


6 March 2017 - LOD implements RedView Globally


23 February 2017 - Launch of LawMap App


20 February 2017 - Artificial Intelligence v The Most Complex Legal Code


17 February 2017 - What is Holding Back Your Firm From Technology Adoption?


7 February 2017 - Tikit Launches Timekeeping App Via The Cloud


1 February 2017 - Launch of Worldox® for Office 365

Now Worldox customers with Office 365 subscriptions can leverage the new Worldox Add-in to access Worldox documents from any browser. New documents created while away from the office? Worldox for Office 365 enables the saving of those documents directly into the Worldox ecosystem.

This next generation product combines the flexibility and mobility of OneDrive with the proven reliability of the Worldox document management system. While in the office, files can be checked out into OneDrive for easy access and editing while offline and out of office. Worldox documents can be searched and accessed directly from Word, Excel and PowerPoint Online.

Worldox customers can access the same Favorites, Bookmarks and Workspaces that they are accustomed to through the Worldox Add-in for Office 365.

This strategic move allows Worldox customers to leverage their investment into Microsoft’s Office 365 platform and its proven security while still maintaining secure access to their work product.

Also planned for release in 2017 will be a new security module: The new module not only allows documents to be encrypted, but control over those documents and who can access them can also be delegated to a managing partner, HR Director or anyone else. The ease with which additional people can be added by even someone outside of the IT Department enables highly sensitive information to be secured using least privilege methodology, even excluding IT from accessing it.

This feature can be combined with the built-in Ethical Wall capability to provide an architecture flexible enough to satisfy a wide range of needs.


31 January 2017 - NetDocuments Announces Multiple Product Releases for Enhanced Usability


25 January 2017 - Document Management for Larger Firms - Release of iManage Work 10

17 January 2017 - The First $199 That Your Law Firm Should be Spending on Marketing Each Month


10 January 2017 - The Surprise Debut of Jurimetrics

In the sphere of big data and data analytics there seems to be a lot more talk and speculation than action. A startup based in Perth is definitely focused more on action. It has created a law data analytics platform. One of its founders, Conrad Karageorge described what this is in plain English: 

"Basically what we do is we teach a computer to read court cases and government documents and then we extract really important commercial information from them and we display it as simple, easy to read charts and graphs," he said.

"A good example is if you want to know BHP's litigation history, you simply type into our platform BHP and all of their public interactions with government will be easily viewable."   [ABC News]  

Read more about the startup, Jurimetrics by clicking image below.


20 December 2016 - Bartier Perry Selects Aderant

Sydney-based firm Bartier Perry recently concluded an extensive due diligence process and have selected Aderant Expert and Case Management as their technology solution. This process included product reviews, attendance at vendor conferences, as well as numerous discussions with existing Aderant clients.

Bartier Perry’s Chief Information Officer Yucel Cifci pointed out that while the Aderant Expert solution is technically advanced, he liked that the resources and expertise to support it was not highly demanding. “This is important for a mid-tier organization with fewer technical resources of a large firm,” said Cifci.

Bartier Perry is also adopting Aderant’s Expert Case solution. Cifci’s software development background gives him an intimate understanding of the complexities of integrating disparate systems. In the firm’s quest to set up standard workflows for different types of work, as well as having flexibility and mobility options for staff, Cifci said, “One of the biggest pluses of Expert Case is the single common database between the core practice management system and the case management module.” Implementation will begin in first quarter of 2017.

“Bartier Perry is showing themselves to be a leader throughout Australia by recognising and understanding the technology demands of a modern law firm,” said Chris Cartrett, Senior VP of Strategy and Growth at Aderant. “We are proud to partner with them as they seek mobile and collaborative solutions in order to provide better value and service to their clients."


19 December 2016 - Telstra and Dazychain Boosting Productivity for Legal Teams


13 December 2016 - Apple Users in Australia Gain Control of PDF Files with Nuance PDF Converter for Mac

12 December 2016 - The New Client Communications Feature in LEAP - LawConnect

9 December 2016 - LexisNexis and Australian Human Rights Commission Launch RightsApp

8 December 2016 - NetDocuments can now store data anywhere - plus new Elite integration




6 December 2016 -  Facial Recognition Verification of Identity Over the Internet


5 December 2016 - The Best Ever LEAP Browsing Experience


2 December 2016 - Moray and Agnew Selects Aderant Expert Case Management Solution

Moray & Agnew with six offices and 88 partners, cite need to overcome perennial problems of replication, disparate systems and reporting complications, selects Aderant for their solution.

When Moray & Agnew saw Aderant’s Case Management solution introduced at the Momentum conference in Melbourne earlier this year, Executive Manager Jon Short knew the firm needed to get it.

Despite having tried two other applications over the years, Moray & Agnew were still needing to overcome the perennial problems of replication of data between disparate systems, as well as the complications to reporting from using separate systems. Said Short, “We already use Aderant Expert and are happy with the ease of supporting it. Having seen the progression of Case Management from the early concepts a few years ago, up to the live demonstration recently, it was a bit of a no-brainer really.”

Expert Case Management’s fully configurable system is designed to reduce the amount of time, effort and resources fee earners spend on their multiple cases. Having everything on Aderant’s standardised application technology will allow Moray & Agnew users across their six offices to collaborate on matters more easily and in real time. “The fact that it has been built from the ground up, using extensive input from existing firms using case management globally, and is built on the latest Microsoft platforms means it ticks all of the boxes for us,” said Short.

“For modern firms it’s all about analytics and matter management,” said Chris Cartrett, Aderant Senior Vice President of Strategy and Growth. “Moray & Agnew recognises the need for a more agile culture within their organisation, and we at Aderant are excited to partner with them.”


1 December 2016 - Meet The New-Look GlobalX


29 November 2016 - How the Use of Digital Signatures is Helping One Conveyancing Firm Grow Their Practice


23 November 2016 - Trust Accounting Compliance Certificate for ActionStep Software

ActionStep is a cloud-based practice management system that includes accounting, matter management, document management and many other features.

The software was recently examined by authorised officers of the Law Society of New South Wales. As a result of the examination, ActionStep was issued with a certificate which confirms that if used "competently and properly" is capable of complying with Trust Accounting regulations (NSW).

According to ActionStep, "to deal with the variations in regulations between states, our team came up with a great solution: preconfigured plugins for each state of Australia. This means you simply need to select the plugin for your region and the software will automatically adjust the settings for you."


23 November 2016 - More Streamlined Workflows For compareDocs with iManage and NetDocuments

DocsCorp, ( a global leader in document comparison technologies and workflows, has announced the release of compareDocs 4.2 U4 with more streamlined workflows for NetDocuments and iManage Work systems.

compareDocs compares two versions of a document, clearly displaying the differences so users avoid missing important changes in legal contracts and other documents.

Commenting on the release, DocsCorp President and Co-Founder, Dean Sappey, said, “Our goal is to continually streamline our integration to the point where we can eliminate lost productivity looking for and loading documents into compareDocs from a Document Management System, and saving the Comparison Report against the original document. We specifically focused on how we could speed this process up for our NetDocuments and iManage customers.”

“For example, when a user adds a document from NetDocuments into compareDocs, the application will automatically list all the document versions associated with that version. This will save significant time,” concluded Sappey.

In addition to numerous enhancements to speed and stability, compareDocs helps increase productivity with:
• New workflows for selecting and loading documents from NetDocuments/ndOffice into compareDocs with fewer clicks
• New workflows for saving documents back into NetDocuments/ndOffice as a new version/attachment
• New Microsoft Word Compare configuration settings at the Rendering Set level, rather than at the application level, gives users more control over how these changes are marked up in the Comparison Report
• New right-click workflow for iManage Work that lets users compare the selected document version to the previous version in a single click

compareDocs compares Word and PDF documents natively rather than converting documents to a proprietary format. It works at the binary or direct file level, which results in a faster and more accurate comparison result. This approach also eliminates the possibility of document corruption and the loss of document formatting and styles.

compareDocs is a Windows-based application and is available in Standard (no DMS integration) and Pro (DMS integration) versions. DocsCorp has just released compareDocs cloud for Office 365 and Windows 10 users, empowering them to compare documents on a PC, Mac, Surface Pro or iPad – in the office or on-the-go.


17 November 2016 - Legal-Tech CEO Recognised for Innovation-Centric Disruption


16 November 2016 - Dictation Apps - Olympus v Philips


10 November 2016 - Beating Data Vulnerability


4 November 2016 - Microsoft Decides to Stay in Software Business

While Microsoft slumbered, collecting billions of dollars from its stable of business software such as Word, Excel and Outlook, thousands of other software companies were energetically developing new software offerings.

Much of this new software was focussed on productivity and collaboration. The platforms were cloud and mobile. The new software companies came in all shapes and sizes. At the big end, Google made significant inroads with its email and word processing software.

It seems as though 2016 is the year that Microsoft woke up, rubbed the sleep from its eyes and hasn’t stopped popping energy pills ever since.

Recent releases from Microsoft include Gigjam, Flow and Powerapps. These are not household names like Word, Excel and Powerpoint but there is a good chance that they will become well know. They have been shoved into Office 365 for people to discover, to use and importantly to stop them straying any further from the Microsoft fold.

Just released is Microsoft Teams, which is explained in the video below:



4 November 2016 - Aderant Releases Expert Case: Comprehensive Case Management Software

2 November 2016 - Aderant Releases Expert 8.1 Upgrade, Featuring Revolutionary Billing System


1 November 2016 - Double win for LexisNexis Legal Solutions in the 2016 Technology Awards


26 October 2016 - Arnold Bloch Leibler Leverages Intapp for Successful Migration to Aderant

Arnold Bloch Leibler started planning the firm’s migration to a new practice management system (PMS) – with an eye to minimising the potential disruption to day-to-day operations. Modernising a law firm’s financial management and billing software is a significant step, and ABL recognised the need to plan the transition carefully for its 125 fee earners.

“From a business point of view, there is huge potential to disrupt the productivity of the firm and heighten the exposure to risk when changing the PMS – it’s the core of the firm’s business management and the spokes have the potential to break if not carefully planned,” explains CIO David Leong.

In exploring different strategies, Leong’s team made the decision to turn the PMS migration project into an opportunity to reevaluate and reinvent the firm’s entire approach to workflow, and adopt best practice and best-of-breed solutions in key areas, including time recording.

Learn more about how ABL turned to Intapp to help smooth the transition, as CIO David Leong shares his vision for the future in this in-depth case study.


17 October 2016 - Electronic Contracts in Property Transactions For Big Firms and Small



13 October 2016 - Aussie Legal-Tech Company Obtains $6.18m Investment for International Expansion



10 October 2016 - OneDrive is Transforming into a Cloud and  Mobile Content Management System

It seems like less than a year ago that OneDrive for Business was the worst-featured and most unreliable file syncing tool on the market - and that was in a desktop environment. Mobile was even worse. Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and almost every other similar service was superior to the bug-ridden, crashing, unusable OneDrive for Business.

For some months now, the syncing problems of OneDrive for Business have been fixed. With this behind them, Microsoft has unveiled what it calls a "major" update. In reality it is a complete transformation of a service that was simply a syncing tool to something that looks more like a comprehensive content and document management system. 

Store and preview email messages; share and collaborate on documents and copy files from SharePoint libraries. The transformation is described in the video below. OneDrive for Business is also being used to bring SharePoint out of the shadows so that it may one day be used by ordinary people for everyday purposes. 


7 October 2016 - E-Signature Fraud and Risks

Commentary by Paul Cullen of HopgoodGanim Lawyers:

The risks of accepting electronic signatures

The recent decision of the NSW Court of Appeal in Williams Group Australia Pty Ltd v Crocker (handed down on 22 September) involved the common situation of a trading customer making a credit application to its supplier (Williams).  The supplier required directors’ guarantees and a guarantee document was attached to the credit application.

The directors of the customer had established an electronic signature system using “HelloFax”.  The particular director, Mr Crocker, lived and worked primarily in Brisbane, whereas the company’s premises were in Murwillumbah. Read More


5 October 2016 - Are You  a Conveyancer or a Super-Conveyancer?


30 September 2016 - Break Through Efficiency Barriers with Smokeball Conveyancing Software


23 September 2016 - Gilbert + Tobin Signs Enterprise Agreement for Wizdocs Due Diligence Technology

Wizdocs, a leading provider of legal software solutions, today announced an agreement with Gilbert + Tobin, a major Australian corporate law firm. Under the terms of the agreement, Gilbert + Tobin will deploy Wizdocs' DealManager product to facilitate deal collaboration and optimize efficiency in the diligence review process.

As deals become larger and more complex, DealManager, a web-based technology from Wizdocs, is available to assist attorneys in managing transactions by automating processes and expediting diligence reviews, thereby allowing firms to complete deals faster and more efficiently.

“Gilbert + Tobin is committed to embracing innovative technologies that enhance our ability to effectively meet client demands in a cost-efficient manner,” said Sam Nickless, Chief Operating Officer at Gilbert + Tobin. “G+T is a leading advisor in corporate M&A activity, and our deal teams are using DealManager to increase the efficiency of our project management and due diligence processes. DealManager allows us to deploy review processes consistently across all transactions and teams and ensure our people are focused on the most important legal issues for our clients. DealManager has the potential to be a powerful tool for M&A counsel, and we are excited to be an early adopter of this technology in Australia.”

Ben Longoria, Founder and CEO of Wizdocs: “DealManager gives law firms a big advantage – not only in terms of collaboration, automation and knowledge management, but also in terms of maximizing attorney performance and delivering value to their corporate clients. Wizdocs is excited to work with Gilbert + Tobin, our first major Australian customer, on this front.”

DealManager allows companies and law firms to manage diligence reviews for M&A and other corporate transactions. With DealManager, lawyers can project-manage their deals, create electronic due diligence checklists, and automatically generate diligence reports and disclosure schedules – all in real time.

Learn more at



19 September 2016 - Firm creates new workplace health and safety app called ClydeCovered


15 September 2016 - Online Court v Upload Court

The court system has built a solid reputation for archaic, inefficient and unnecessary procedures. In a few years time we might look back and be surprised to realise that the court system led a technological revolution in the justice system.

This technological revolution is underway in what is known as the Online Court. Just as the courts had the power to prescribe archaic and inefficient practices, they are now using their powers to prescribe efficiency and technological adoption.

At present the name Online Court appears to be more aspirational than actual. More accurately it could be called the Upload Court. Uploading documents to courts is replacing court attendance. In the Upload Court, the documents present your case rather than a person in a courtroom.




12 September 2016 - Gilchrist Connell Deploys Intapp Time


8 September 2016 - BigHand and Practice Evolve Announce Tighter Product Integration

BigHand and Practice Evolve have established a closer relationship to deliver tighter integration with BigHand voice, delegate and produce technology Read more (PDF)

Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers, with the help of BigHand, build a 21st century law firm using digital dictation and SmartNote with Speech Recognition to support growth and innovation. Read more (PDF).


8 September 2016 - Tikit and NetDocuments Showcase Cloud Solutions at ALPMA 2016

Tikit Australia, part of the BT Group and leading provider of technology solutions for law and professional services firms, today announced its attendance of the 2016 ALPMA Legal Management Summit alongside new worldwide partners NetDocuments.

Tikit will be joining NetDocuments in Melbourne at the much anticipated ALPMA summit, using it as an opportunity to engage with conference delegates throughout the day and discuss the opportunities the new partnership will bring to the Australian market.

Speaking about the event, General Manager at Tikit Australia, Andrea Foot said:

“We’re really looking forward to our first joint event with our new global partners NetDocuments. Having NetDocuments as part of our repertoire is an important  move for Tikit, as it enables us to provide a truly unique cloud based document management solution that offers an unparalleled level of security features as well as being easy to use and simple to access on the go.   It forms a key component of our growing suite of integrated cloud solutions, specifically designed for professional service businesses.  

Attending ALPMA will provide the perfect opportunity for our clients and the wider market to speak with us directly about this new addition and how we can support their cloud strategies moving forward.”


8 September 2016 - Disconnect between what law firms think and what they do


1 September 2016 - MinterEllison Wins Prestigious Legal Tech Award


Announced at ILTACON 2016, MinterEllison has won the ILTA Distinguished Peer Award for Innovative Project of the Year - External/Client-Facing: With collaboration among the firm's attorneys and its systems analysts, developers and precedent/document automation specialists, the firm developed ME Taskflow – a next-generation matter management solution that drives process standardization for high-volume, task-based legal matters. ME Taskflow is cost-effective, rapidly deployed and implemented, and empowers users to structure matter workflow to their needs. Its repository of tasks – activities that can be used across multiple legal practice areas without additional tailoring and coding – enables faster setup and development of a management plan for the life cycle of each matter. It turns a task into a powerful tool – one that delivers everything a user needs to complete an activity, including the know-how and precedent to perform each task while allocating the activity to the most appropriate person on the legal team.


31 August 2016 - Worldox® and Workshare® Join Forces to Deliver Secure Document Collaboration

World Software Corporation® and Workshare® have enhanced their strong partnership to bring secure collaboration to Worldox customers. Branded "Worldox Connect", powered by Workshare, the new product will allow documents to be shared securely outside the organization while maintaining control of the documents within the Worldox Email and Document Management System.

Worldox Connect will be bundled with the Hosted Worldox Web product and will include mobile applications allowing access to shared documents from anywhere, providing an efficient and elegant method to organize and exchange documents during a review cycle. The ability to remove hidden or sensitive data from email attachments and encrypt them before they are sent will be included in the bundle.

Some of the Features include: 
• Sync your important Worldox files or matters for on-the-go use on any mobile device. Full Versioning of changed documents is supported.
• Protect your outbound content by automatically removing sensitive information and comments.
• Collaborate with your customers on shared documents for more efficient review cycle.
• Remotely wipe sensitive firm data from any connected mobile device.
 • Add Digital Rights Management to outbound content restricting recipients from printing, sharing, and text scraping of documents.
 • Effortlessly share your content via secure link instead of attachment
 • Full access to Worldox content from a browser or mobile device
 • Full Auditing of activity for security and compliance purposes


30 August 2016 - iManage to Establish Cloud Data Centres in Australia

iManage currently has iManage Cloud data centers in the United States and the United Kingdom. The next iManage Cloud regions to be supported with local data centers will be Australia and Singapore in September 2016.

Each cloud data center features infrastructure tuned to optimize professional work for large files, high availability and rapid disaster recovery and all data centers are highly secure, and certified to the ISO 27001 security certification.

“Trinogy has long valued the partnership with iManage,” said Robert Fraser, director of Trinogy. “Their Work Product Management technology is clearly the established market leader worldwide, they have a deep appreciation of the demanding needs of the professional services sector, and the establishment of a local data center in Australia will help our customers address data sovereignty issues. Trinogy welcomes the arrival of the iManage Cloud service, ‘down under’.”

In other iManage news:  iManage has announced the release of iManage Work 9.4, a ground-up reimagining of its core document and email management solution, and several important enhancements to iManage Share — the secure file sharing solution for professionals — that will streamline and improve the way professionals collaborate with clients, and outside parties, and enhance the security of shared work product. 


30 August 2016 - New Aussie Service Partners for Intapp


30 August 2016 - NetDocuments Enhances Integration with Office 365


24 August 2016 - Handshake Software Integrates with NetDocuments


24 August 2016 - New Versions of Dragon


18 August 2016 - GlobalX Disrupts With New $0 Cloud Conveyancing Software


15 August 2016 - NetDocuments Expanding Client Roll



15 August 2016 - Lexis Draft Wins Australian Business Award for Product Excellence

Lexis® Draft, the latest drafting tool from LexisNexis®, has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner for Product Excellence in The Australian Business Awards 2016.

Recognised for its highly relevant and resonating market offering in the legal sector, LexisNexis also received this award for its commitment to continually improving the support and operations of the product in close partnership with customers. This year’s award builds on winning Product Innovation and Best New Product in The Australian Business Awards 2014, reflecting the progression of a valued and proven software solution.

Lexis Draft is a legal practitioner’s tool kit that enables easy review, editing and proofreading activities in seconds. It allows users to review documents, undertake analytical and legal research validation, search LexisNexis and local folder directories and access deeper research libraries, without leaving the document itself.

Glenn Cooksley, LexisNexis, Head of Drafting Solutions explained that Lexis Draft was initially developed after research showed that increased time and workload pressure was forcing over half of legal practitioners to make tough decisions to skip proof reading and checking activities.

“Our mission is to help customers break free of the mundane and time consuming activities and improve their daily working lives. Software has a perfect role to augment the modern practitioner in that way. Initial feedback proves Lexis Draft really achieves this and frees up time for our customers, which is the most valuable thing we can give them. I would like to congratulate all of the LexisNexis teams involved in creating this innovative solution,” Mr Cooksley said.

Lexis Draft was also recently placed on the 2016 SMART 100 Index of Australia’s most innovative products for its consumer adoption and commercial success.


11 August 2016 - The Time has Come to Gain Expertise in E-Signing


10 August 2016 - As Bankruptcies Rise - Due Diligence for Your Firm and on Behalf of Your Client is Critical


1 August 2016 - Kyckr IPO: Uncovering Clients Engaged in Illegal Activities

KYC is an acronym for Know Your Customer. Raising funds now for an ASX IPO in August, the Kyckr service provides information on potential and existing clients who are associated with illegal or unauthorised activities such as fraud, money laundering and terrorism funding. (video below). Also learn more here and here.


28 July 2016 - Launch of Most Secure Smartphone 

The price is expected to be "mid-range". (video below)



27 July 2016 - New: Dragon Legal Australian - Speech Recognition Software

25 July 2016 - Is the Writing on the Wall for Microsoft Office?


20 July 2016 - Nuance (Equitrac) Named Global Device and Print Management Software Market Share Leader


19 July 2016 - What Ever Happened to Matter Center for Office 365?


13 July 2016 - Brisbane Investment Company Backs Legal Industry Disruptor


7 July 2016 - Law Firm Clients Speaking About FilePro Practice Management Software (video)


FilePro – Working Together from FilePro on Vimeo.


5 July 2016 - PEXA Goes Live in South Australia


29 June 2016 - Launch of LawTap Online Tools for Law Firms


28 June 2016 - NetDocuments Gets Tik of Approval

NetDocuments (cloud document management service) and Tikit have signed a global partnership agreement. Tikit has around 1,500 legal clients around the world and is owned by the UK's BT Group. This is expected to give a boost to NetDocuments' penetration of the legal market.

Not that NetDocuments has been lacking in momentum. Australia has been a slower adopter than other parts of the world, most likely because an Australian-based data centre for the service did not exist until only last year. 

In 2013, brave early adopter, Lavan Legal became a NetDocuments user. In 2014 Cooper Grace Ward switched to the service. Last year, following the establishment of the Australian data centre, Corrs started a pilot group of 200 users within its firm and is now rolling it out firm-wide. The latest big-name firm to sign up to NetDocuments is Gilbert + Tobin.

The new global partnership with Tikit, which also has an Australian presence, certainly has the potential to accelerate new user acquisition in Australia and around the world. 


24 June 2016 - Nuance Power PDF 2 Makes it Easy for Businesses to Gain Control over PDF Workflows

23 June 2016 - How Lawyers Are Using Mobile Devices - The LEAP Experience


21 June 2016 - Gilbert + Tobin Selects NetDocuments

Gilbert + Tobin, a top-tier leading independent firm with over 550 people across offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth, Australia, will upgrade its on-premises DMS to NetDocuments native cloud-based service to achieve greater usability, mobility, and improved security. Gilbert + Tobin services corporate and government clients across the APAC region and around the globe.

Read more

21 June 2016 - Law Apps Bake Off at The University of Melbourne (videos)   

Another milestone in the coming together of law and technology.  


17 June 2016 - NetDocuments Now Integrates with Office 365

NetDocuments is a cloud-based document and email management system. The new integration enables the functionality of opening, editing, creating, and searching within the native Microsoft Office 365 applications across desktops and mobile devices.

Matt Duncan, NetDocuments CEO stated. “The Office 365 for NetDocuments integration takes the power and security of a purpose-built enterprise DMS for legal, and presents it to the end user as an intuitive and invisible DMS. ‘

“The integration between Microsoft and NetDocuments cloud technologies will help make secure document management seamless to our joint users,” stated Rob Howard, Director, Office 365 Ecosystem, Microsoft.

Key functionalities of the integration will allow individuals to:

• Work within Office applications from any browser and any device, including the ability to open, edit, and create from any iOS device;
• Collaborate with real-time co-authoring and editing capabilities, eliminating the need to check documents in and out;
• Enjoy a consistent interface regardless of location or device


16 June 2016 - Chrome River Continues Global Expansion with Asia-Pacific Launch

Chrome River, a global leader in expense and invoice automation solutions, has announced the launch of Asia-Pacific operations.

Chrome River Pty Ltd, based in Sydney, will provide dedicated support and implementation services to the company’s existing customers across the region, as well as increase its presence with the addition of new customers.
“We already have a significant number of users across Australia and Asia-Pacific, and we see a tremendous opportunity to increase our presence with global and local customers and partners across the region,” said Alan Rich, CEO of Chrome River. “Not only is there significant growth in business travel across Asia-Pacific, but there are a number of complex, country-specific taxation requirements which drive the need for a sophisticated, robust expense management solution that configures to the needs of companies operating in the region.”
The company previously established a presence in the United Kingdom in 2014, and now has customers and partners across Europe. Learn more at

15 June 2016 - Actionstep Gets Zapped

Actionstep, the cloud practice management system, has announced that it is integrating its software with Zapier.

Zapier is a tool that connects independent software applications so they can functionally work together. It is a tool designed for use by non-technical people.

For example, according to Actionstep: “You create Zaps by connecting "Triggers" in one application to "Actions" in the other application.”

“When something changes in one application (for example if a new appointment is created in Google Calendar) a "Trigger" is activated. The "Zap" connects the Trigger to an available "Action" in the other system (for example creating a file note). The Zap passes the related information from the Trigger to the Action (in this example the details of the new appointment in the Google calendar).


“When you login to Zapier and select an application you will see a list of published Triggers and Actions supported by that application.”

Actionstep says that Zapier support has been a much-requested feature. The first release of Zapier support is planned to be available by the end of this month. More info at Actionstep.



14 June 2016 - Beginning to End Electronic Conveyancing Now a Reality

9 June 2016 - GlobalX Legal Solutions announces agreement to provide NSW Electronic Contract for Sale (eCos)

9 June 2016 - compareDocs now supports NetDocuments ndOffice 64-bit Microsoft Office and iManage Work

7 June 2016 - Technology and Law Firms - a Lot of Whys

Why are law firms not adopting desirable technology? Is it resistance from partners or staff, lack of funds, implementation risks or lack of identifiable benefits to clients? 

We now have an opportunity to contribute answers in GlobalX's legal technology survey. The results will be pooled, giving us a chance to answer the many whys of legal technology in law firms.

The online survey will be live for three weeks, with one lucky practitioner winning a $2,500 Gift Card.

GlobalX is distributing the survey to more than 20,000 practitioners across the country. The survey can also be completed via the link below.  Individual entries and answers will remain anonymous.


6 June 2016 - GigJam, Flow and PowerApps from Who?


3 June 2016 - OpenText Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Recommind, Inc.

From the official announcement via Recommind:

Waterloo, ON — June 2, 2016 — Open Text Corporation (NASDAQ: OTEX) (TSX: OTC), a global leader in Enterprise Information Management, announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire privately-held Recommind, Inc., a leading provider of eDiscovery, and information analytics. Recommind’s SaaS and managed services solutions include, Axcelerate for eDiscovery review and analysis, Perceptiv for contract analytics and Decisiv for enterprise-wide information access.

With this acquisition, Recommind’s market-leading eDiscovery solution will complement OpenText’s own leading enterprise information management (EIM) solutions. In addition, this acquisition is expected to expand OpenText’s expertise in cloud and developing and using analytics to solve concrete and expensive business problems.

Terms of the Agreement

The transaction purchase price is approximately $163 million. The solutions being acquired are expected to generate between $70m and $80m of annualized revenues, be immediately accretive to earnings and be on the OpenText operating model within the first 12 months after closing. The transaction is expected to close in the first quarter of fiscal 2017 and is subject to customary regulatory approvals and closing conditions. (1)

More information can be found in our presentation at


2 June 2016 - When e-Conveyancing Becomes Conveyancing


1 June 2016 - Not Just Another Web App for Barristers

27 May 2016 - Six Tactics to Protect Your Firm From Malicious Email Attacks


25 May 2016 - BigHand and Nikec Partnership for Asia Expansion

BigHand and Nikec Solutions Asia have established a relationship to support joint growth and deliver advanced voice, delegate and produce workflow technology to the Asian market.

“BigHand is pleased to announce another key partnership with channel partner Nikec Solutions in Hong Kong, China,” Tony Bleasdale, BigHand Managing Director for APAC announced this week.

“Nikec Solutions Asia have a fast growing client base, with a local support network focusing on making a BIG difference to its clients in Hong Kong and China.”

BigHand and Nikec Solutions Asia are responding to demand across Asia, specifically from legal and professional service firms, for solutions such as digital dictation and speech Recognition, as well as workflow, metadata management and document production technologies. With the latest partnership, clients in the region will be able to benefit from BigHand’s technology with greater local support.

Regarding the new partnership, Nicholas Child, MD of Nikec Solutions said, “The partnership with BigHand is a key part of Nikec Solutions global development, and in continuing to be the legal supplier of software to Hong Kong and Asia law firms. We pride ourselves in providing legal and professional services with key tools and support to keep up with the evolving market, and this partnership will benefit that.”

In addition to BigHand’s core voice productivity solutions, Nikec will offer BigHand’s workflow and document production tools, BigHand Now and BigHand Produce following demand from the legal and accounting markets in Hong Kong.


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19 May 2016 - Launch of CompareDocs Cloud

DocsCorp (, has announced the launch of compareDocs cloud, a new web-hosted version of its document comparison software. Running on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, compareDocs through Office 365 enables users to compare Word to Word and Word to PDF documents on a PC desktop, Surface Pro or iPad, all via the cloud.

Running as an Office Add-in, compareDocs is easy to deploy from an IT perspective since nothing has to be installed on local machines – it all runs in the cloud. The service can be made available to users instantly and on all devices running Office 365. compareDocs cloud is available as an Office Add-in for Word Online, Word for iPad and Word 2013 Service Pack 1 or later.

compareDocs cloud uses the same comparison engine as the compareDocs desktop version, but there will be some differences in functionality. Specifically, DocsCorp will soon be announcing compare ‘image’ PDF documents capability using built-in OCR technology. Customers may choose to run both desktop and cloud versions interchangeably to allow universal access to compareDocs from anywhere at any time.

compareDocs cloud is available from the Office Add-in Store, try it now


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