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Posted at Legal Practice Intelligence - 14 November 2016 - by Peter Frankl

Where do legal services come from?

They don’t come from a manufacturing plant. They are not dug up from under the ground.

Legal services come from you, the person, the lawyer.

As a service provider of professional services, you are the manufacturing plant. You are the natural resource which has been ploughed with years of education so that you can serve your clients to the best of your ability.

To operate at your best, you have to bring together your body, mind and spirit in the service of your work. This is your team. It is a team that is all within you. If a member of your team falls into disrepair then you will have to put even more pressure on the other team members, with the ultimate risk being burnout and inability to deliver excellent services.

Being a successful lawyer, or any professional services provider, is challenging. Mastering the technical skills in your domain of expertise is only the beginning. You need a sharp, analytical mind, strong relationship skills and the ability to handle constantly changing priorities. You need a whole lot of other skills as well, especially if you are a practice owner.  

Continuing education for those working in the professions has traditionally emphasised staying up to date on technical skills. If you wanted to delve into the body, mind and spirit aspect, which is equally important to success as a professional, you had to find this for yourself. It has rarely been delivered up to lawyers within the context of the special demands that lawyers face in their work.

An in-house corporate lawyer has decided to change this continuing education status quo. She has brought together subject matter experts who have created transformational courses that focus on body, mind and spirit. The (CPD credit) courses have been created for lawyers, acknowledging the special demands of working as a lawyer.

Nancy Bryla
Founder of The Light Lawyer

Nancy Bryla is the currently practising in-house corporate lawyer who has created the online CPD platform known as The Light Lawyer. 

She has been practising law for over 13 years specialising in commercial law, contract drafting, review and negotiation across the IT, banking and aviation industries. Prior to working as a corporate lawyer, she was a lecturer at the University of Western Sydney.

Nancy has been exploring meditation and the power of a positive mindset for over 20 years. Having experienced first-hand the benefits that meditation and mindfulness had on her stress levels and wellbeing, she founded The Light Lawyer.

The current course list includes:

• Productivity Academy for Lawyers

The 30 Day Energy Challenge

Legally Confident for Young Lawyers: How to Take Control of Your Confidence & Wellbeing

What Makes Lawyers Tick? The Lawyer Personality Explained and

Yoga for Lawyers: Reducing Stress

10 Minutes to Calm: Breathing Exercises and Meditation for Lawyers

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At The Light Lawyer website you can also access the free e-book: The Little Book of Calm For Lawyers


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